The Companion Animal Parasite Council would not exist without the past and continued contributions made by the Emeritus Board Members. We greatly appreciate the time, talent and effort given to CAPC by these members.

  • Dr. Clarke Atkins

    North Carolina State University

  • Dr. Lora Ballweber

    Ft. Collins, Colorado

  • Dr. Mike Dryden

    Kansas State University

  • Dr. Jeanne Eisenhour

    Perrysburg, Ohio

  • Dr. Karen Fling

    Dallas, Texas

  • Dr. Kathy Gloyd

    Wilmington, Delaware

  • Dr. Gary Holfinger

    Perrysburg, Ohio

  • Dr. Kevin Kazacos

    Purdue University

  • Dr. Charlotte Lacroix

    Whitehouse Station, New Jersey

  • Julie Legred, CVT

  • Dr. Susan Little

    Stillwater, Oklahoma

  • Dr. Cathy Lund

    Providence, Rhode Island

  • Dr. Robert Lund

    Clemson University

  • Dr. Eugenia Marcus

    Newton, Massachusetts

  • Dr. Leonard Marcus

    Newton, Massachusetts

  • Dr. Tom Nelson

    Anniston, Alabama

  • Dr. Sharon Patton

    Knoxville, Tennessee

  • Dr. Michael Paul

    Anguilla, British West Indies

  • Dr. Peter Schantz

    Atlanta, Georgia

  • Dr. David Stansfield

    Greensboro, North Carolina

  • Scott Stevenson
  • Dr. Roger William Stich

    University of Missouri

  • Dr. Michael Thomas

    Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Dr. Mary Ann Vande Linde