Brian  Herrin DVM, PhD

Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Brian Herrin is an assistant professor at Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Originally from Lindsay, OK, he completed both his DVM and PhD at Oklahoma State University. While his current research focus is on the epidemiology Lyme borreliosis in humans and dogs in North America, he is always looking for new and interesting projects on ticks and tick-borne diseases. Some of his recent interests are the evaluation of diagnostic assays for tick-borne diseases and surveillance of ticks and tick-borne diseases of horses. Although his research focus is on ticks, Dr. Herrin enjoys working with all parasites of veterinary importance through the diagnostic service and teaching/outreach opportunities. He co-teaches veterinary parasitology to the second-year veterinary students where he stresses client communication/education as a key part of a comprehensive parasite control program.